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Ken Slater, RPT
8010 Music Street
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
(216) 513-6860

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Other Piano Services


I have over thirty years of experience doing all types of mechanical and structural repairs. I am qualified to do warranty service for all the major manufactures.


Regulation is the precise timing of the piano mechanism to the key stroke. This allows the player to gain control and play with greater expression. Over time the regulation can change from factory specifications resulting in a loss of efficiency. Even minor adjustments to the regulation can greatly improve how the piano feels to the player. In the course of regular service I will evaluate the regulation and make recommendations that will improve how the piano plays.


Voicing is the regulation of piano tone. I have the experience to make adjustments that will bring out the best possible voice your piano can produce.


Before you purchase a piano I strongly recommend having it evaluated for structural integrity and condition. Even a free piano can be a bad “investment” if the piano needs repair beyond its value. If you are looking to sell a piano I can help you arrive at a fair market value. I also, can provide appraisals for insurance purposes.


Some vintage instruments can be restored to nearly new condition with action parts replacement, structural rebuilding, and refinishing. I can evaluate a piano as to whether the value of the restored piano will warrant the cost of restoration. The pianos I have restored are in service today and are superior musical instruments.